Sunday, August 29, 2010

QR code

This ↑ is Qr code. Some people might use their smart phones to read it. Its basically like a bar code but in both directions. Usually it's used to redirect phones to the Urls encoded in the image, but with a simple Qr code generator, you can make your own Qr photos saying whatever you want, such as putting the Url of your blog/webpage or even just writing a secret message. With the help of the two following websites you will be making  and reading Qr photos in no time, a cool way to put secret messages in photo albums for example. Just set it as your Facebook profile and see how many people understand it.

Fun test: try and find out what my photo sais.
Protip: To get the Url of the photo, you have to click on the photo, not put the Url of This page in the decoder.

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